About this document:

Here in Glator we respect the privacy of our clients, that's why we created this document which is aimed to explain to our users and clients what information we collect and how we use it. All the personal information that our clients give to Glator is fully treated with confidentiality and will be part of Glator's clients file.

The information we collect:

The information we collect will be use to attend all your support requests, to provide our services and for the marketing of other services or products of your interests. All information regarding billing such as, credit card number, will be use exclusively by our administration area.

The final responsible of the information:

The user will be the final responsible of any damage and/or prejudice direct or indirect; that could affect Glator or a third party, caused by incomplete, fake, inaccurate or outdated information. Customers are responsible of giving accurate information and shall assume all responsibilities when purchasing our services.

Sharing personal information:

Glator guarantees that the data submitted by the users will remain private and won't be under any circumstances, rent, trade or sell to a third party or company.

Web browser Cookies:

We use Cookies which will be generated the moment you navigate in our web page or any other page related to our company; This cookies are for recordĀ­keeping purposes only and the information collected by them is anonymous, excluding those who are destined to keep the user's password, and user-name in order to improve the user's experience when navigating inside our control panel.

If you have any question regarding our privacy policy or services please, feel free to contact us.